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The Cotswold Boxer Club started its life as the Gwent Boxer Club back in the 1950s, but as time went by most of its supporters ended up living on the English side of the Severn and so permission was sought from the Kennel Club to change its name to the Cotswold.  Since that time the Club has served the interests of the Boxer throughout Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

Over the years the Club has had some very famous Boxer names associated with it. Marian Fairbrother, one of the founders of the breed in the UK under the world famous Gremlin prefix, was a Committee member for many years and Marion and Ivor Ward-Davies, the founders of the Winuwuk kennel, were Club Presidents until their deaths in 2000 and 2010 respectively. To this day we still have lots of experience on the Club and eight of the current Committee are Championship Show judges something no other UK Club can rival and very few Clubs have seen the stability that we have enjoyed with many Committee members having served for many, many years.

The Cotswold is also very proud of its track record in pioneering new ideas. Back in the 60s we were the first Club to hold Puppy Sweepstake competitions and every other UK Boxer Club quickly picked up on this and now stage successful puppy events of their own. we then had sponsored walks, karaoke nights, junior and yearling stakes, halls of fame and so much more. Then, back in 1984, we launched the National Dog of the Year contest which is still running to this day

One of our real strengths is in putting on exhibitor friendly shows.  We have three shows a year, staged in different parts of our region, and we always get good entries.  Our annual Championship show in December routinely attracts the biggest Boxer entry of the year.  But we’re not just about shows – we run monthly matches, we put on seminars, we run a Boxer Rescue service and we are always available to give advice on all things to do with the Boxer.

We’re proud of our Club and hope that you’ll want to become a member and take part in some of our activities.



The Ivor Ward-Davies Memorial Trophy is a stunning work of art and is awarded to the Cotswold Boxer Club National Dog of the Year, now held annually as part of the Boxer Event.

Whitminster Village Hall has been hosting Cotswold Boxer Club functions for many years and is our 'spiritual home'

The Gremlin Boxers were instrumental in founding the Boxer breed in the UK, their owner Marian Fairbrother was a Cotswold Committee member until her death in the early 1980s. Marian is shown here handling Ch Summerdale Stormkist who was the first Champion made up by Marion and Ivor Ward-Davies.

Past Presidents - the late Marion and Ivor Ward-Davies. Such important characters in the Club's history. Marion was secretary for many years.

























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