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We have reluctantly decided, with effect from 2015, that we will no longer be having a September Open Show since it has been increasingly hard to get entries at this very busy end of the show season.  However, we will be using the same date each year to do a range of different activities for the members.

OPEN SHOW: September 2014
Judge: Liz Adam (Carkennar)
Best in Show - Rebkai Secret Fortune at Burnden, owned by Denise, Jeannine and Desnie Pye
Reserve Best in Show and Best Dog - Sultash Frankel, owned by Fiona and Kevin Godwin
Best Puppy in Show - Maranseen Lustre, owned by Marion and Gordon Seeney
Reserve Best Dog - Winuwuk Love Not Lust at Mydaz, owned by Sharon and Kevin Fitzgerald and Best Puppy Dog - Elsworth's Misstricks Stand and Deliver
Reserve Best Bitch - Willow Reach for the Stars at Burnden, owned by Denise, Jeannine and Desnie Pye

OPEN SHOW: September 2013
Judge: Eileen Kelly (Casemates)

Best in Show
Viv Matthews' and Lesley Wearing's Miofrey Antsea Nansea
Best Dog

Malcolm James' Maromad Love at First Sight
Best Puppy

Carol Chippendale's Mylicam Waltzing Matilda
Best Puppy Dog

Laura Clark's and Lesley Wearing's Miofrey Top Tip at Clarkenwells
Best in Show (Miofrey Antsea Nansea), Reserve Best in Show & Reserve Best Bitch (Sulez Chiquita),
Best Puppy (Mylicam Waltzing Matilda)
Best Puppy Dog
(Miofrey Top Tip at Clerkenwells), Reserve Best Dog (Sultash Frankel) and
Best Dog (Maroamd Love at First Sight)
OPEN SHOW: September 2012
Judge: Terry Munro (Stornum)
Best in Show - Barbara & Godfrey Morison's Xandene Midnight Runner

Best in Show; Reserve Best Dog (the Pye's Burnden Secret Millionaire); Best Puppy in Show (Fiona Godwin's Sultash Frankel)

Reserve Best in Show (Julie Brown & Tim Hutchings' Winuwuk Rumour Has It); Reserve Best Bitch (Patrick Elsworth's Sugarwood Mystikal Love at Misstricks) and Best Puppy Bitch (Jo and Ron Cobb's Topauly Lady Morgana)
Best Puppy in Show - Sultash Frankel

Reserve Best in Show - Winuwuk Rumour Has It

Reserve Best Bitch - Sugarwood Mystikal Love at Misstricks

OPEN SHOW: September 2011
Judge: Laura Clark (Clarkenwells)
Best in Show
- Julie Brown & Tim Hutchings' Maromad Kiss the Girls at Winuwuk
Reserve BIS
- Sam Cant's Bartlans Eva Green to Mananin
Reserve Best Dog
- John Cormack & Veronica Feaver's Very Attracted to Newlaithe
Reserve Best Bitch
- Fiona Godwin's Sultash Dish Dasha
Best Puppy in Show
- Julie Brown & Tim Hutchings' Winuwuk The Outlaw
Best Bitch Puppy
- Jobaran New Moon for Robinsteck
OPEN SHOW: September 2010
Judge: Lawrence Morgan-Evans (Vanmore Great Danes)
Rock Chick

Best in Show
Sue Drinkwater's Winuwuk Rock Chick at Sulez

Manic Marc Jacobs at Sulez

Reserve Best in Show and Best Dog
Sue Drinkwater's Manic Marc Jacobs at Sulez (Handled by Sonia Johnson)

Maranseen Rant N Rave

Best Puppy and Reserve Best Dog
Marion Seeney's Mananseen Rant N Rave

Winuwuk All About Eve
Reserve Best Bitch
TIm Hutchings & Julie Brown's Winuwuk All About Eve

Jimbren Pollyanna at Pinedown
Best Bitch Puppy
Jane Lovell & Nicola Beaumont's Jimbren Pollyana at Pinedown
OPEN SHOW: September 2009
Judge: John Kehoe (Keopas Boxers, Southern Ireland)

Best in Show
Barbara Morison's Muptar a Lark in the Park with Xandene

Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex
Mandy Vearncombe's Ruption Pickers Peach, handled by Sue Hale

Best Puppy
Janice Myles' Boxadore Miley Cyrus, handled by Mandy Vearncombe
OPEN SHOW: September 2008
Judge: Val Jordan

Best in Show
: Ward-Davies, Brown & Hutchings Lichdel Uncle Silas to Winuwuk

Reserve Best in Show
: Ward-Davies, Brown & Hutchings Rebkai Tale of Love for Winuwuk

Best Puppy in Show
: Pye's Burnden Opportunist
OPEN SHOW: September 2007
Judge: Michael Bruggenburg-Rothschild

Best in Show: Groves & Hare's Verileas Dancing Deano to Jimbren
Best Opposite Sex: Lesley Wearing's Miofrey Rosey Nosey hadled by Trudy Such

Best Puppy
: Sue Drinkwater's Sulez Blackvelvet
Best Opposite Puppy: Nadine Phelps' Very Attracted to Newlaithe

LIMITED SHOW: September 2005
Judge: Carol Schofield

Best in Show
: Marion Seeney's Maranseen Dream Dust
Best Opposite Sex: Sadie Evans' Advidicar Bold as Brass at Rocvilla
Best Puppy: Ward-Davies, Brown & Hutchings Winuwuk Lust at First Sight




























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